Access to safe drinking water

Water is connected to every form of life on earth and is the basic human need, equally important as air. Water is connected to every aspect of human day-to-day activities directly or indirectly. At a basic level, everyone needs access to safe water in adequate quantities for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene and sanitation facilities that do not compromise health or dignity. Therefore, access to safe and dependable (clean and fresh) water is the fundamental/basic right of humans. The UN and other countries declared that access to clean, safe drinking water is a basic human right, and an essential step toward improving living standards worldwide. Access to water was one of the main goals of UN-MDGs and it is also one of the main goals of the UN-SDGs. The South African constitution declares “access to water and food for all” as the main goal in the constitution following the 1998 National Water Act. Despite these facts, still there are inequalities in access to safe drinking water in South Africa and in the world, the problem has more impacts on the poor, women and children. This is where Overcomers Care International sets in.  Inequalities in access to water and sanitation are morally unacceptable, but they are prohibited under international law.

It is for this reason that the CEO/Founder of Overcomers Care International Martin M. Nkwain launched this project during a village Annual Congress sponsoring two water points in the village of Bafmeng.

A few pictures in Bafmeng/Mmen shows what the people go through to have access to water for basic use.

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