Martin M. Nkwain – CEO

Martin M. Nkwain – CEO

Martin M. Nkwain | CEO

Martin M. Nkwain is the CEO of Overcomers Care International Inc.

He was born in village named Bafmeng in Northwest Region of Cameroon – West Africa.

He is a philanthropist, an American Red Cross volunteer in disaster relief and response since 2005 for the National Capital Region, a Security/Emergency Management Specialist in the USA.

His extensive travels on work assignments to other countries round the world brought him in contact with the suffering masses, the needy and underprivileged persons; orphans, widows, mentally and physically challenged (handicapped) Persons, human rights abused victims, elderly persons and local communities with lack of portable water to drink, diseases and other pathetic situations and conditions.

These miserable situations and conditions of people increased his passion to render immediate help and assistance to the needy and suffering masses. Also, these unbearable and very inhuman living conditions prompted the idea of a well organized structure that could rally aid in cash or kind for a more and longer sustenance.

His Plea

Overcomers Care International Inc. with your support in kind or cash is an answered prayer to the needy and underprivileged around the globe.

Transparent and accountable Organization embodied with Christian principles and morals in serving humanity

God will richly bless you!