A family & IDPs self care & help Program

Arise & Shine Serhbong – A family & IDPs self care & help Program nationwide with a 5m tentative budget.

Aims and Objectives;

  1. Getting together as brothers and sisters for the common purpose of helping and encouraging one another.
  2. Knowing each other through membership registration. Membership cards will be issued….I need proposed samples.
  3. Sharing common self developmental ideas and notions for a sustainable productivity and living.
  4. Mapping out developmental strategies, favourable and productive locations.
  5. Exploiting self growth opportunities and their limitations.
  6. Assistance to the needy and underpriviledged groups and/ or persons.

That said;

Please, all managers, I need latest Friday 10pm;

  1. Your objective ideas and suggestions to this vision. How feasible is the program???
  2. Any manager willing to lead this program in his location, town or city should; a) Inbox me directly with a proposed plan of action. b) We will have a clean and clear discussion before making intentions open to the forum.

I wish you all the best of luck as we keeping praying and thanking God for the vision.


Martin Nkwain

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