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Promoting talent in your workforce is a vital part of being an effective manager (leader). Creating an environment that nurtures and manages the talents of its workforce will lead to a more successful business, because it plays to everyone’s skills. That’s why Overcomers Care Int’l offers different forms of support, including training
partnerships and a range of different forms of support. 

In the domain of music, we have had 02 young talents and looking for more as they showcase what they can do.

Don Ernest

Kah Ernest Diangha popularly known as Don Ernest, was born in Ise ( a quarter in Bafmeng). Bafmeng/Mmen is a village in Menchum Division North West Region of Cameroon. Don Ernest started music in 2017 with the Njang Rhythm. He released a good number of Songs such as Chinnê Mmen(Bafmeng successorship and benefits), sehmêr chung. Only few became popular especially to the people of North West. He also has some afro tracks but still working on them to put them to the international market. Don equally plays musical instruments such as the guitar and Piano. The last song Don Ernest did is titled “Arise and Shine”. It’s talking about a new vision brought by Mr. Martin Nkwain,  also a native of Bafmeng. The vision is saying that Bafmeng people should stand-up for a new Bafmeng by, helping the needy and the underprivileged.  Martin M. Nkwain became interested in Don’s works because of this song and promised him huge support. The relationship between my music and his vision brought us together. 

Don Ernest is in charge of IDPs in Overcomers Care International.

Glorious Mispa

Glorious Mispa, a Cameroonian Gospel Artist, born on April 19th 1996 in Bafmeng/Mmen in the North West Region of Cameroon. She started Music at a very tender age when she was in primary 3 and a member of Cadet of Mary Immaculate. She later joined the church choir. In 2013 she joined the Catholic Charismatic renewal in St John’s Parish Kumba town, where she upgraded her music skills and was dedicated into the Singing Ministry in the year 2015. She released her first album titled “Ndeghum Praises”. Her second Album “Titled God’s Unconditional Love” is still trending And will soon be released. She is a lover of music and God has chosen her to preach about Him through music. Follow her Youtube Channel for more of her releases

This year 2021, her talents were identified by the CEO of Overcomers Care International when she release one of her tracts of the second Album titled “Arise and Shine”. “Arise and Shine” is the slogan and an organ of Overcomers Care International. With her dedication and love for God, that being the streamline of this organization, she has and shall henceforth have our full time support towards realizing her dreams. “Arise and Shine”

More other opportunities are on the pipeline to be released anytime soon.


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